• Designing with a Unique Vision Point.

    Delivering high-quality and innovative projects to enhance the human experience.

  • Bringing Engineering to Metaverse.

    New ways for stakeholders to experience and understand projects.

  • Build Twice, First Virtual, then Real.

    Creating digital models of projects to visualize and plan building designs, processes, schedules, budgets, and more.

  • Engineering with Value.

    Optimization services in structural engineering projects and software solutions.

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VDC(Virtual Design & Construction)

Streamlining work processes and connecting stakeholders through digital data, innovation and technology, to deliver a better outcome for end users. Across the whole project life cycle from design and construction to facilities management, the main goal of the VDC stage is the design/construction collaboration on field to reduce issues and resolution latency by building your project virtually. Through BIM (Building Information Modeling) services including 3D Modeling and data analysis, as well as integrating and digitalizing the built environment value chain(IDD) with real-time digital data(3D, 4D, 5D, CDE)

Architecture Design

Our team of architects at ENGITECH provides full architectural design services from concept design to construction supervision. ENGITECH is dedicated to providing innovative design solutions while respecting its clients economic, marketing and aesthetic goals. The unique designs our expertise create and the broad range in both types and sizes of different buildings reflect the culture and atmosphere of their locations, and at times the themes requested by our clients.

Structure Design

Structural optimization, or the use of numerical optimization techniques to design material-efficient or cost-effective structures, has great potential for the construction industry. Structural optimization can lead to innovative design solutions for specific structural components or materials. ENGITECH provides integrated optimization services in structural engineering projects and software solutions. Our goal is to introduce applied optimization to everyday structural engineering practice. ENGITECH focuses on delivering the optimal balance between construction cost, structural performance, reliability, safety and ecological responsibility

Virtual Reality

By integrating BIM (Building Information Modeling) softwares with virtual reality, designers are allowed to push the boundaries of visualization, giving stakeholders and clients new ways to experience and understand a building project or a space before it is built.This spatial understanding will make clients feel more confident in the design, reduce time spent in meetings as well as the use of lateral design revisions. With virtual reality, architects and structural engineers can transmit not only what a building will look like but also how it will feel like. Being rendered at different Levels of Detail, an architect in the early design stages could have an immersive experience, just to get a sense of spatial relationships and massing.